Load Break Switch

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The Load break switches are used where full load operations are required very frequently. The load break switch enables the operator to directly disconnect the line for any maintenance work without disturbing the whole network as one does not need to trip the circuit breaker. Also, the load break switches are an upgrade to the disconnectors as they can be integrated with SCADA anytime in the future and can be operated remotely; whereas the disconnectors cannot be operated remotely due to their inherent limitations of linkage assemblies and speed of operation. Below are some advantages of load break switch over conventional switches.


The load break switch can be easily integrated with SCADA by addition of the FRTU. This capability is achieved by providing extra auxiliary contacts that enable the Load Break Switch to send all signals such as open, close, spring charge etc. to the FRTU through terminal connectors. With just one connection between the operating box and the FRTU, one can convert the Load Break Switch into a SCADA operable device.

Moreover, the design of the load break switch is such that it is ready for remote operation without any modifications since there is absolutely no need of re-alignments and a total absence of any form of linkage assemblies.