Fault Passage Indicator

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The main function of fault passage indicating system is to identify faults occurring in the downstream section from the point of its installation in the medium voltage system. This is achieved by continuous monitoring of voltage presence and current flow in medium voltage line.

Any increase in current along with absence of voltage is signaled by the equipment. Fault condition is indicated by flashing lights in FPI; this information is sent using radio signals to the communication gateway installed nearby for onward transmission to SCADA system at the control centre through a suitable communication channel.

Using this system, the utility acquires information regarding the section of the line having fault. This identification helps eliminate the patrolling of entire line for finding the fault, ultimately reducing restoration time.

Our Fault Passage Indicators (FPIs) are designed to be clipped on the Overhead MV line. Usually, 3 Fault Passage Indicators are clipped on one circuit— one on each phase. Our FPIs carry out the following functions:

  • Detection of current running in the phase it is clipped on
  • Detection of transient / permanent phase-to-phase and phase-to-earth faults
  • Communication of information to communication gateway using license free short range radio frequency
  • To provide a local light indication on occurrence of fault, which in turn is a useful information for fault finding and maintenance activity

Our FPIs are self-powered by a battery with minimum life span of 10 years. The battery is capable enough to carry out at least 1 short range radio communication with the communication gateway every hour for 24 hours and at least 400 hours flashing for fault indication.

The Fault Passage Indicators are suitable for outdoor use. The components used in the Fault Passage Indicators are accordingly protected from direct sunlight to prevent malfunctioning caused by solar radiation. It is rated up to IP-55 / IP-65 degree of protection as per requirement.