Retrofitting / Upgrading

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We take up retrofitting jobs for all makes and designs of disconnectors and air break switches. The major components during retrofitting include:

  • Male and female contacts for double break disconnectors
  • End terminals for center break disconnectors
  • Clamps due to a change in conductor sizes and/or wear and tear
  • Change in insulators from cap and post to solid core type
  • Change in insulators required due to higher Creepage
  • Support structures
  • Auxiliary contacts
  • Motor & Gear assemblies
  • Motorization of existing manual type switches

We can also provide services for any other make of disconnectors other than our own as we have our in-house design, casting, and fabrication shop where we can manufacture any part as required.

Surge arresters need 'upgrading' at various sub-stations and lines due to a change in energy handling capacity and proneness to lightning activity. The major retrofitting of surge arresters tasks include:

  • Change from porcelain type to polymer type for better hydrophobic properties
  • Change of 5kA arresters to 10kA arresters due to heavy switching activities
  • Upgrading to a higher class of arrester for higher energy handling capacity
  • Installation of surge monitors to examine the leakage current and surge frequency
  • Replacement of disconnectors and surge arresters as a whole

We also provide testing facilities of surge arresters to clients who wish to check the present health of their arresters. The testing includes:

  • Power frequency test
  • Residual voltage test
  • Impulse voltage test
  • Reference voltage test
  • Accelerated ageing test