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About Elektrolites

Elektrolites is a leading manufacturer, problem-solver, and innovator in the field of power transmission and distribution (PT&D). Established in 1966, the organization has played a pivotal role in the transformation of the power sector in India, over the last six decades.

With a relentless focus to become the platform for finding simple solutions to complex problems in the power sector, the company diversified into various Smart grid products at the world-class industrial complex at Bagru in Jaipur district, Rajasthan.

Based on continuous innovation, ground-breaking research, and cost effective products – Elektrolites has been accredited as the ‘in-house R&D unit’ by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research’s (DSIR) – a part of Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. The in-house R&D Lab consists of a unique testing equipment with up to 1200 kV capacity to conduct testing as per the field conditions.

Elektrolites is known as the go-to when stuck at a problem which requires deep research and innovation. Elektrolites is known for its out-of-the-box approach when presented with a unique problem. Backed up by a capable team of engineers, a zeal for problem-solving, a global network, and a state-of-the-art laboratory – the company is able find solutions that are sustainable and scalable to its customers. All products are type-tested at recognized test laboratories like KERI (Korea), CPRI (India), ERDA with relevant IEC standards. 

Apart from T&D segment, we also design, type test, and manufacture a comprehensive range of electrical equipment for railway applications in semi-high and high-speed networks. Our product range is approved by RDSO, CORE, Delhi Metro, DFCCIL, and others.





Trading of substation equipments



Design, type-test, and manufacturing of 11kV-245kV disconnectors

Turnkey order completed for 245kV motor operated disconnectors at thermal power plant

Type-test and manufacturing of clamps, connectors, and substation hardware

Successful supply and commissioning of 420kV disconnectors at Heerapura

Secured 3 World Bank orders to see the turnover jump by 250%

Became the largest manufacturer of disconnectors in India



Design, type-test and manufacturing of surge arresters up to 245kV

Design, type-test and manufacturing of new patented invention ’11kV Switch Fuse Unit’ and sold more than 200,000 units

Type-tested our products at international laboratories like KERI (Korea)



Developed and type-tested 40+ design of switches and 15+types of surge arresters

Became the only disconnector manufacturer to receive recognition from The Government of India as an ‘In-House R&D Centre’

Design, type-test and manufacturing of Load Break Switches up to 33kV



Developed and type-tested Fault Passage Indicators (FPI) 11-66 kV

Developed and type-tested 25kV Railway Type motorized and manual switches

Secured Orders worth 2.4 million US $ from Indian Railways.



Introduced 25kV Load Break Switch of Driescher (Germany) to the Railway and Metro in India through installations on the Delhi Metro network

Collaborated with NOJA Power (Australia) to improve the reliability of the 11-33 kV networks through Auto Reclosers and Sectionalizers

Developed and type-tested cage design and tube design of Polymer Surge Arresters

leadership team

Anil Saboo
Chairman and Managing Director

Anil is an entrepreneur, innovator, mentor and a philanthropist by heart.

His venture Elektrolites has earned its steady growth and success through its core principles of innovation, ethics, excellence, and customer focus. His quest to consistently innovate and motivate MSME units has also allowed him to take up additional responsibilities with renowned industrial councils. He is currently designated as President of IEEMA (Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturing Associations) and Executive Council Member of National CII (Confederation of Indian Industry).

Apart from his corporate lineage, Mr. Saboo is a Founder Trustee of Jagriti NGO at Jaipur. He graduated from VRCE Nagpur and BITS Pilani.


Ankit Saboo
Chief Executive Officer

An Engineer from BITS Pilani and Purdue University (Indiana, USA), Ankit is working towards the vision of making Elektrolites the preferred partner for solving problems pertaining to the power industry through research and innovation.

Under his leadership, Elektrolites has significantly improved the lead time of supply, reduced time to market for new products, developed an array of new solutions, and expanded rapidly into the railway segment. He has also been responsible for bringing strategic partnerships which has led to expansion into previously unchartered territories and products, hence bringing in revenue and improving the overall footprint.

From 2016 to 2018, Ankit co-founded a SCUBA diving startup – aimed at opening up diving to people and helped build the country’s first SCUBA Diving Festival (The Underwater Festival). He is passionate about making an organization efficient by defining processes centered around its people.

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Chairman of ELECRAMA
2020, New Delhi

Member of CII National
Council for 2019-20

Immediate Past Chairman-
CII, Rajasthan


Executive Council Member
of IEEMA, Mumbai


Founder Trustee of JAGRITI
(NGO), Jaipur


Executive Council Member of National IWPA Chennai


In line with our belief of giving back to the society, Elektrolites is committed to inclusive growth since its inception.

The organisation has joined hands with Jagriti, a Jaipur-based non-profit charity organisation, to empower and transform the lives of the most vulnerable and underprivileged children through quality education.

With an aim to make a difference and create impact at the grassroot level, Elektrolites actively supports a government school at Khatipura under the Jagriti flagship. More than 2500 children have been positively impacted as a result of the various initiatives.



Entire Plant

With an area of about 200,000 sqft - practically all operations are in-house with space for more to cater to future growth.

Copper Fabrication

The most critical metal in power systems needs personal attention. We fabricate all the copper contacts ourselves to ensure 100% accuracy.

Mild Steel Fabrication

In-house team specializing in power presses, welding, and lathe to ensure quick turnaround time

Inspection and Testing

3 x 145-245kV and 4 x 11-66kV bays ensure simultaneous testing and inspections

In-House Testing

Apart from 1-min power frequency, temperature rise, and other regular tests – we have a state-of-the-art laboratory with the ability to conduct some type-tests in-house like:

1200kV Impulse Generator

We can generate 600kV x 10kA using this machine to simulate site-like conditions in-house

150kA Current Generator

We can simulate surges of upto 150kA peak magnitude to simulate lightning and extreme surge situations